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Welcome to the Association of Railway Industry Occupational Health Practitioners.

We are an organisation comprising occupational health professionals who have an interest in the Railway Industry. We were originally a group of doctors practising occupational medicine who got together because of common professional interest, arising frorn their employment within the Railway Industry.

It was decided in 2006 to broaden membership to include other professionals in a multi-disciplinary group in occupational health and related matters in the Railway Industry.

ARIOPS is run by a Committee who are elected at an Annual General Meeting.

The Chairman

Dr. Mark Hall

The Secretary

Megan Taylor

The Treasurer

Dr. Gary Strydom

General Committee

Dr. Nick Richards

General Committee

Dr. Peter Richards

General Committee

Dr. Tony McGread

General Committee

Dr. Jim Ford

General Committee

Dr. Howard Watson

General Committee

Dr. Harry Phoolchund

General Committee

Dr. Stephanie Fitzgerald - RSSB

General Committee

Dr. Claire Dickinson - ORR

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The goal of ARIOPS as an organisation is to maintain and improve the standard of professional practice of occupational health and related matters in the Rail Industry. Whilst providing a forum for discussion of matters concerning the practice of occupational health in the Rail Industry with the objective of developing and representing the views of the Association to such persons and organisations as may be appropriate

We further aim to develop and improve the standard of occupational health practice in the Rail Industry by participation in research and by encouraging and facilitating postgraduate education of members. Using a forum for the discussion of and education in all matters relating to the practice of occupational health for all stakeholders in the Rail Industry.

ARIOPS aims to contribute to, maintain and develop the existing body of knowledge of evidence-based occupational health and related matters in the Rail Industry. We are committed  to promoting a risk and evidence based approach to the development and maintenance of medical fitness standards and clinical guidelines, and to thereby ensure a consistent, evidence-based approach to the assessment, interpretation and application of medical fitness standards to perform specified tasks in the Rail Industry.

Finally we support the principle of an appeals system for individuals assessed as unfit for work and promote research into the effects of medical factors on fitness for Rail Industry work and the effect of Rail Industry work on health.

ARIOPS is a source of expert advice and professional support on health and related issues to internal and external stakeholders, e.g. regulatory bodies governing the industry, or local and national initiatives, as appropriate.

Get the latest news, updates, reports and publications


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